Sunday, November 26, 2006

A quick note on holiday gift giving

Gift giving and charity, they both seem so much a part of the season.

Some of you remember when this site started as an affiliate site to raise money for charity, that is why the URL is for charityshill. This site didn't work out in that direction, but I have a new one page site that may.

Top Five Gifts For Corporations And Companies.

Any proceeds the site accrues will go to charity. This is a new site, it does need some cleaning up - and I'd better be fast if I'm going to catch any of the corporate holiday gift buying. In fact I expect many of the readers will look at the top 5 gift list to start thinking about next years holiday season.

That's ok. this site will be up for a long time.

I know some of you have your own companies, and others are executives or consultants. Here is a chance to get cool ideas for your employees, and have a bit more go to charity.

If you want to look at some nice special gifts of a more personal nature, check out the Swiss Goodies and Gifts Selection on another one page site.

One of these days I will hit that charity shill button that actually works.

Go take a look.



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