Thursday, November 30, 2006

Evolution or Creationism

I can see defenses raising already, arguments are bristling like rockets.

I haven't said anything and you have already made up your mind, there goes another one leaving the page rather than consider something new.

I know, we are all experts because we believe what someone told us. Everybody since, including me, is an idiot.

That might be true. We all use a very small portion of our brain, a few percent difference in partial use is all that separates genius from moron. In fact, by definition very few of those likely to read this are more than two standard deviations from the norm.

We are all average. The bell shaped curve for intelligence has a short tail. We all fall somewhere between using zero to perhaps 14 or 15 percent of our mental capability – at least that is what someone told me -- so I believe it.

In reality, I don't know. I do know when I was younger I was told that IQ runs from around zero to around "too high to measure accurately" at about 200. If we “cypher an reckon” that into folks using less than fifteen percent of their brain, there is potential for IQ to be above 1200. Everybody is bunched at the shallow end of the pool.

Should we be surprised that almost every decision of consequence, from living room, through board room, to the oval office, is based on emotion?

What is amazing is that a handful of logical thinkers were able to create a place like America in the first place. It is not at all surprising that two hundred years of bad emotional decisions have led to a USA in critical condition.

What is needed to take the bellicose arrogance of ignorance from any issue is for everyone to say: “I sure don't have the answer.”

What I do have is another theory. Yeppers, thats what we need, another theory for someone to latch upon and use to ridicule others.

Instead read with an open mind, consider possibilities, retain your right as an individual to say “I don't know.”

Now that you are prepped, I'll let you go look at Creationism versus Evolution.


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