Thursday, November 30, 2006

Evolution or Creationism

I can see defenses raising already, arguments are bristling like rockets.

I haven't said anything and you have already made up your mind, there goes another one leaving the page rather than consider something new.

I know, we are all experts because we believe what someone told us. Everybody since, including me, is an idiot.

That might be true. We all use a very small portion of our brain, a few percent difference in partial use is all that separates genius from moron. In fact, by definition very few of those likely to read this are more than two standard deviations from the norm.

We are all average. The bell shaped curve for intelligence has a short tail. We all fall somewhere between using zero to perhaps 14 or 15 percent of our mental capability – at least that is what someone told me -- so I believe it.

In reality, I don't know. I do know when I was younger I was told that IQ runs from around zero to around "too high to measure accurately" at about 200. If we “cypher an reckon” that into folks using less than fifteen percent of their brain, there is potential for IQ to be above 1200. Everybody is bunched at the shallow end of the pool.

Should we be surprised that almost every decision of consequence, from living room, through board room, to the oval office, is based on emotion?

What is amazing is that a handful of logical thinkers were able to create a place like America in the first place. It is not at all surprising that two hundred years of bad emotional decisions have led to a USA in critical condition.

What is needed to take the bellicose arrogance of ignorance from any issue is for everyone to say: “I sure don't have the answer.”

What I do have is another theory. Yeppers, thats what we need, another theory for someone to latch upon and use to ridicule others.

Instead read with an open mind, consider possibilities, retain your right as an individual to say “I don't know.”

Now that you are prepped, I'll let you go look at Creationism versus Evolution.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

A quick note on holiday gift giving

Gift giving and charity, they both seem so much a part of the season.

Some of you remember when this site started as an affiliate site to raise money for charity, that is why the URL is for charityshill. This site didn't work out in that direction, but I have a new one page site that may.

Top Five Gifts For Corporations And Companies.

Any proceeds the site accrues will go to charity. This is a new site, it does need some cleaning up - and I'd better be fast if I'm going to catch any of the corporate holiday gift buying. In fact I expect many of the readers will look at the top 5 gift list to start thinking about next years holiday season.

That's ok. this site will be up for a long time.

I know some of you have your own companies, and others are executives or consultants. Here is a chance to get cool ideas for your employees, and have a bit more go to charity.

If you want to look at some nice special gifts of a more personal nature, check out the Swiss Goodies and Gifts Selection on another one page site.

One of these days I will hit that charity shill button that actually works.

Go take a look.



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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time for a blogging vacation

I should be back sometime before December, maybe.

In the meantime, check out those favorites and archives to the left. Those should be helpful today, and even more helpful after the big one.

If you want a peek at a guess on the socially interactive future....

or consider this as a warning:

"Lenders are herding creatures. They tend to think the same thoughts at the same time." - James Grant.

Monday, November 13, 2006

A Secret Step To Successs

"Reaching peak performance in business or life requires a mind that elevates you. But true success also requires a place to go. That's where purpose comes in. With purpose, you're able to maintain your peak performance for a long time." -- Zig Ziglar

Even goals are not enough. What can get us through those dry periods we will all face is an over riding purpose in our life

If you haven't yet considered your personally chosen life purpose, don't take this lightly. Maybe it is time to close your browser, grab a notebook and pen, or your pda, and take a walk.

There are bound to be trials and tribulations in your life, everyone has them. One of the greatest costs of these trials is when we let them stop us from continuing our pursuit of a goal. Once the trial is past we have to restart our life, and frequently take a different path than we were on. Starting over takes time and effort.

A powerful personal Purpose can overcome that tendency to lose the progress we have made.

Your purpose is a focal point on the horizon that you can use to guide your journey. Like goals, your purpose can change, but that should only happen when you have spent a great deal of time considering alternatives.

If your self chosen purpose is to put missionaries in the field, that is not likely to change. If your purpose is to travel around the world and teach; your meeting of a significant other and starting a family will probably re-order your priorities, your goals, and your purpose.

This is a personal choice, something that you know has the power to keep you walking when the night turns stormy.

Find a driving purpose and cherish it. If you will not relinquish it to despair it will help guide you to your journeys end.

Your well defined purpose can make the difference between a normal life spent in quiet despair, and a quality life well spent.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Change At Bastiat Free University

Bastiat Free University has always been centered around free.

Free as in outside of government control, and free as in letting interested students have no-charge access to classes.

In many ways BFU has historically sought to deemphasize what they call their degree track option. Degree track involves a low cost approach to earning your college degree. They claim to offer both low cost and no cost, quality, self-directed, distance learning.

The emphasis has always been on learning as being more important than chasing a certificate. The ideal BFU student has been pictured as a business person that wants to learn about the world - and about improving their business. BFU has even gone so far as to state that starting your own business can be a better choice than attending college, even their college.

The two newest programs at Bastiat University run counter to this prior emphasis on no-cost learning. They now have, or are more appropriately they are creating, an Achievement Certificate Program and a new BFU idea they are calling a subscription college.

In fact in one of their recent BFU blog posts they openly discussed some of the disadvantages of distance learning, and proposed a solution to many of them. They suggest you start your own local study and support group. They even go so far as to suggest offering a discount for group study under the subscription college plan.

Interestingly they don't stress the still available no-charge college format, even though they do mention it a couple of times. It is apparent they have no intention of taking the free out of Bastiat Free University. It is equally apparent they are striving to deliver what their students say they want.

referred to Bastiat Free University as being student-centric a couple of times recently. Perhaps they aren't changing that much after all.


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