Friday, September 16, 2005

MDA, most desired action



If you have a blog or website, this is where it all starts. If you are like me, you wander around catching waves, and sometimes think about what you want between sets. It is of course better to plan first, maybe I'll try that next week.

When you present your material what is the result you want? What to you is your reader's most desired action?

My personal goals sometimes conflict with my business goals, when that happens everything suffers. Life congruence, getting your various conscious and unconscious desires working together, is one way to ease stress and improve results. You want to blend your MDA with your reader's MDA.

I will use myself, Bastiat Free University, and the Hitchhiker as examples.

As a Christian, my personal goals are getting closer to God and sharing, with those that want to listen, how they can find the joy I experience.

With Bastiat Free University my goals are more mixed. With society changing I believe current educational style to be both obsolete and harmful to those forced to endure it. I do not expect to change society from a degree orientation to a learning environment overnight. To those that realize what the change from industrial to information means; BFU is a reinforcement to them of their potential. While I would love for BFU to be self supporting, that is not likely for years, perhaps decades. My basic goal is to illuminate reality, and hope some will notice, to their benefit.

For the Tsunami Hitchhiker the goal is simple, this is a place where I can vent those thoughts that may not apply to my stated goals, but I yearn to express. There is probably a lot of the subconscious that gets exposed on the hitchhiker waves.

An example is the last post about Doug Casey and waves. As soon as I wrote that I knew I had left out other wave information, a bit more difficult to grasp, but important concepts if you want to understand the world. This is an effort to restore a more complete picture.

While these goals may not be in conflict, it takes awareness to try to blend them in a way that is honest to myself, and to the reader.

That is my MDA.


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