Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Different wave structure


I often use allusions to waves to demonstrate technical aspects of financial analysis.

A much better writer than myself, Doug Casey, does a beautiful short work on wave structure. What is interesting is this is from the archives of International Speculator, Doug's news letter; and was written before the new millennium.

I probably read this at the time, and may have acted on it in a short term manner, but sadly seemed to have missed much of the long term significance of Doug Casey's article. Read this, and notice how well he defined the large trends that currently are washing ashore. This is also a read on what in general may come next, and Casey has added some notes to the original commentary. I distrust anyone, including myself, that makes specific predictions. I have watched and read Doug for decades however, and while he is frequently too early, he is very often right.

If you wish to preserve capital, too early is a very good thing.

Doug inspired and collaborated on a graduate level course for Bastiat Free University. Find out more about Doug Casey and find out more about what may come next.



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