Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lets get started

Howdy all,

Welcome, enjoy the ride.

Oops, gotta go soon.

This space will reflect a watchers eye view as cycles run through society. We all have encountered fads that mesmerize for a moment and are gone. Pogs, Macherana, baseball cards, recently the NASDAQ stock market and day trading, and currently poker.

How do we catch these tsunamis early? How do we escape before the crash on the beach?

There is still a market for stocks and baseball cards; pogs and the macherana have disappeared with beanie babies and cabbage patch dolls.

I will try to chronicle these waves of mass involvement, and perhaps learn to ride rather than be tossed.

I enjoy playing poker, I haven't danced recently, and I'm out of the stock market; at least for today.

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Just gettin' the sites goin'. But there is some good stuff, soon to be more. I imagine some of what I write here will end up on the sites, and I'll do a few visa versas. My most recent site postis ; 8 steps to substantial wealth creation.

Let me hear from the void,

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