Friday, May 28, 2010

Avoiding Drudgery & Routine

Twelve Years Of School, and up to a decade more school after. Now you have a proven ability to follow orders and complete useless tasks.

A top job opportunity follows, your future secure.

Then you train for the job, because your primary qualification was your degree, not your knowledge or abilities. Don't believe me, be better than everyone, but have dropped out of school. Will you still get the job?

The job you qualified for after all those decades of classwork, homework, and on-the-job -training: more of the same.

Drudgery And Routine

Life in a cubical. Escaping the box for weekends and holidays, then willingly returning to captivity.

The title of this post, Avoiding Drudgery & Routine, has the emphasis on that first word -- avoiding. Perhaps you are already out of school, beyond training, and now overseeing others as they labor in drudgery and routine. Has your life improved?

I didn't think so.

Ever see the picture of the donkey with the carrot dangling from a stick, permanently in front of his face? Is that you? Feeling motivated?

It took a life time to learn how to run inside that hamster wheel. Turn off the TV, spend an hour or two each day learning how to run your own life instead.

You can do it.

Start small, play and learn, but develop something that works for you. Find what income generating style works for you, the way you work best.

Some suggestions:

  • Learn to invest differently from zombies following talking heads. This and this advisory groups have free services where you can learn investing, and of course paid services where you can acquire valuable insights. Start free.
There are other ideas, but you can find them yourself if you look.

So look.

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