Friday, March 05, 2010

Hacker's Eye View Of The World

I had written my hacker novel, spread it's name all around, and yet hadn't really thought about what the name meant.

Complicit Simplicity

Kind of funny for a marketing type guy to use something 'cause it felt right, no market testing, no analysis. So I decided to write a creed for my Hacker Hero that explained it.

I have long appreciated The Apostles' Creed, but have also felt a need for a creed of my own, a personal hacker's creed:

"Without consistent ethics: Thousands of laws create theater portraying protection of the weak, while covertly rewarding the powerful.

With consistent ethics: Ten commandments are enough.

Most laws are enacted, most agencies and departments created; to legally legitimize immoral, unjust, and unethical practices.

I will pursue freedom instead. By placing people above law, freedom blesses all free people through complicit simplicity." -
my creed

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