Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Can Americans Achieve Individual Sovereignty?

I heard from a reader of my PT- perpetual Traveler Squidoo lens. She had several folks trying to sell her "sovereignty packages," she wanted my help. I'm not a professional in this field so this was my reply.

I know of no absolute sovereignty available for individuals, that would be recognized by the United States.

Effective sovereignty is found using three flag theory and other strategies, but even this is quite difficult for Americans. The USA claims to own you wherever you live, and reserves some "rights" even if you renounce citizenship.

Of course the constitution says citizens have rights, not the government; it was written to protect those rights from government. In reality the Constitution is no longer used in America, it is the bureaucrats and the elites that rule by decree.

"Where liberty dwells, there is my country." - Benjamin Franklin

You can be right, and still end up in jail.

In fact if you have enough money or status to be a public relations object lesson, they will come and get you in any country in the world. A bureaucratic nation is inherently unjust.

The most effective, and severe, method is to move to another country and become a citizen there. You can then enter an American embassy in that country and renounce your American citizenship. Very few do this.

Americans can legally have dual citizenship, but America will still claim you. Many do this, then keep a low profile as a way to avoid the very real dangers of being an American.

Get the free Sovereign Society newsletter mentioned at Speculation Rules. Get a few good books such as those listed in my PT lens. The Sovereign Society can put you in touch with lawyers that will answer your questions better than I can - they will be good lawyers with good current information. You will want to join their club eventually, perhaps attend a few of their weekend seminars in nice spots like Switzerland or Panama. There you can talk face to face with knowledgeable experts; no commitments required. No hard sell.

Make no sizable commitments until you have returned home and had time to think about the consequences.

I would avoid anyone promising you a passport or sovereignty papers - almost all are scams. A few countries, Uruguay for one, have procedures to acquire a passport for legal residents. Other countries, like Panama, can accelerate citizenship if you invest in the country - say a managed tree farm.

There have been groups that tried to set up independent countries with sovereignty for their citizens - much time and money has been spent, no luck so far. A few claim to have succeeded - but if other governments won't recognize their efforts, they are worthless.

There are now countries more free than the USA, but no place is guaranteed to remain free - including the US. Becoming a perpetual tourist is one solution.

You can acquire more freedom than you now have, but it will require effort to achieve it. It is up to you to decide if it is worth your time and effort. True individual sovereignty - liberty, freedom, privacy - is for now only a dream if you were born, and wish to remain, American.

Get good professional advice.

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