Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Future In One Lesson

You have known me to write of fads like panics or poker, realities like business, potentials like speculations, and of course the value of approaching your life as an individual with you in charge.

It is now time to write of my retirement. I will probably not continue to update this journal - there is so much to do. I must pace myself or perish under the weight of too many projects. One project I will of course continue to pursue will be Bastiat Free University. I will continue to update The BFU Journal - you will recognize the style and ideas.

There is a short e-mail just sent to students of BFU that gives an outline of what is before us; a reasoned guess at our futures. Got to the BFU login / free registration page and look at the most recent news - it is worth the read.

You can also register at BFU for no charge if you wish - you will then receive future quarterly e-mails.

May you discover the best in your life.


Allan - the Tsunami Hitchhiker


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